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Keri also talked with "EW" about five tracks including her Justin Timberlake-collaboration, "Slow Dance" and her lead single, "Energy"."Slow Dance": Justin Timberlake co-wrote this ode to the slow jams of the late '70s and early '80s. Vocally, I thknk it's one of my best performances.""Energy": Written and produced by the Runways (Natasha Bedingfield's "Love Like This"), this break-up groove - a potential first single - instantly got Timbaland's stamp of approval.

It has been the factor that has made me feel most welcome - and would like to thank you 💕 this especially goes to:moonshinestudies(ilu cynthia)noodledeski've basically have given you your own tag; jess is the bestkstudiyskori who was the first to welcome mecurious-studiesto maddie who is a joy for me to see in the ss networkastudyindeterminationalthough haley's studyblr is no longer running - she was always great to see in my messagesthank you!!

LOS ANGELES - After two months of negotiations, "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen is close to finalizing a new salary pact that would make him the highest-paid comedy star in television today.

Sources said Sheen will earn about 0,000 per episode this season from producer of the CBS powerhouse, Warner Bros. This represents a hefty increase from his previous payday in the low six figures.

Their debut single, "Show Stopper," was all about the strong female swag (before swag was swag, in the mainstream anyway) and sex appeal.

Album cuts like "Sucka For Love", "2 Of You" and "One Shot" are mainstream friendly but definitely not teen idol material.

I feel important, even if I’m not being the one talked to.

Someone took the time to learn my name, that a piece of who I am is with them, cheering me on.entered lucrative deals to sell the syndication rights to the Tribune Broadcasting stations (for broadcast) and to FX (for cable), effective 2010.Representatives for Warner Bros., CBS and Sheen declined comment Wednesday.It'll be fun to see some grown girls back in the game, especially for the chicks like me who are now in their 20's for DK's second go around. Diddy Does Not Appear To Be Involved Diddy deserves credit where credit is due -- the training boot camp, the selection of producers and writers, and above all else, the choice of group members itself.He created a girl group that looked like America -- two black girls, two white girls and a latina, with personalities that equally covered the spectrum.Tags: Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen While most people take to the bottle trying to cope with a broken heart, it seems that actress Kate Bosworth believes in smoking her away grief.

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