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Indeed set-opener There was however a confidence and a maturity to her performance that felt far removed from those formative days.

Pitchfork had previously determined that the band's scheduled date at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island this July would be their first US show in six years, so I guess Portland now has that honor.This reunion won't see Fleet Foxes as they were in 2011, though—Josh Tillman has since left the band and gone solo as Father John Misty, his annoyingly ironic stage persona.Fleet Foxes will release Crack-Up June 16 on Nonesuch Records, which they've teased with its sprawling first single "Third of May / Ōdaigahara.” That's nearly a month after this Portland show, so unless they announce even earlier dates elsewhere in the US, our city might be the first to hear the new record live.Mascis and Dirty Projectors, Porlandia lovingly skewers the tendency of certain indie bands to get quieter and more esoteric with each passing year.Fittingly, the winning act is just a woman blowing on a row of feathers.Their songs incorporated folk’s most traditional components—lush harmonies, gently strummed acoustic guitars, bucolic imagery—but emboldened them within music that refused to stay in one place.

On , Fleet Foxes’ first album in six years, they’ve crafted their subtlest music yet, but also their most dynamic.Cynical allusions to an affected and stilted presentation have proved difficult to shake off and prior performances, however good, have proved a test of patience. Yet it is difficult to pinpoint quite what had changed.To a large extent this was the same Joanna Newsom that many have long-cherished.Fun Fact: This sketch is barely an exaggeration, given that Portland is host to an annual Quiet Music Festival every looking less like a comedy and more like a documentary.There's a sense that her live shows might just be the best place to find out. Interviews are rare and she seems to prefer to avoid the PR machine that has become such a large part of the music industry.

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