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Here are the 25 songs guys will listen to when no one is around:*The song of our generation.Guys, admit it — you liked pretty much every song on this list.

It affects their identity and makes them forget to be humble.

But the more wasted we are, the more into them we get.

Those songs that we shadily play on our i Tunes when no one is around.

When he decides to keep a journal to give his life ...

See full summary » Eva Dandridge is a very uptight young woman who constantly meddles in the affairs of her sisters and their husbands.

Granted there were a few that maybe weren't your favorites, you'd probably take this playlist and put it in your Itunes under something discreet like “My Girlfriend's Music,” and then listen to it all the way through on your way to work.

The truth is, though, this list is only 25 songs– there are so many more!

Her in-laws, who are tired of Eva interfering in their lives, decide to ...

See full summary » The series follows ambitious yet troubled Dr.

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Hopefully this relationship will last at least until Christmas.

Auntie Fee is the hottest new thing on the cooking scene …

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