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Websense Security Labs™ researchers have discovered a widespread cybercrime campaign utilizing the Mevade malware that appears to be originating from Russia and Ukraine and primarily targeting the business services, government, manufacturing, and transportation sectors in the US, UK, Canada, and India.

In this post we analyze the malware, command and control characteristics, and attack infrastructure used in this campaign.

A quick search of our domain registration database indicates that over 7,000 domains have been registered using this service.

The majority of Command and Control related IP addresses can be attributed back to the following ASN: AS44050 Country: RU Registration Date: 2007-11-09 Registrar: ripencc Owner: PIN-AS Petersburg Internet Network LLC Microsoft first detected this malware as Mevade. Static Analysis of Malware (SHA1 7C5091177EA375EB3D1A4C4A2BBD5EB07A4CC5CC) As you can see below, the malware is using an integrated services language based on SQL, called WQL (SQL for Windows Management Interface).

The US Secretary of State charged that the attacks "were orchestrated and synchronised, similar to attacks in Crimea".