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I mean, I like the Steelers, too, but my dad works for the Giants."That's not much of an endorsement for the black and gold.

For her performance she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture in a Drama.Almost everyone agrees that little Missy should be sweet and spunky and pretty.But once you get to be eighteen, everybody has a different idea: One part of the audience might have gone goth; the other might, have taken the cheer-leader route. Ashley hurries in a few minutes later, full of apologies, wearing ripped jeans, a gray hooded sweater and Birkenstocks.And when a hesitantly acquired girlfriend asks him, twice, if he finds her pretty, he pointedly refuses to answer, bouncing the question back at her in a tone that’s both taunting and searching.Writer-director Eliza Hittman has a sensitive ear for the way adolescents reveal themselves through evasion: It’s a tension crucial to this anxious, tactile, profoundly sad study of a young man’s journey of sexual self-discovery and self-betrayal on the luridly faded boardwalks of Brooklyn.I have actually discovered something in this country that crosses all political, religious, socio-economic class, ethnic, age and gender lines. And although we are in the midst of the MLB season, the Stanley Cup Finals, the NBA Playoffs and I’ll Have Another’s quest for horse racing’s Triple Crown, I thought it would it would be fun to look at 25 famous people who are fans of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s hard not to be a football fan when your mother’s family founded the Pittsburgh Steelers and her father's family founded the New York Giants.

Although the Mara sisters probably can’t be classified as “die-hard“ Steelers fans because of their links to the G-Men, their attachment to the team is good enough for me for to squeeze them onto my Top 25 list.

They dart gracefully through passersby like a pair of dragonflies, while everyone else seems to lumber. Because they seem to have lived a charmed life, are reportedly worth 0 million each and are largely absent from the usual E!

What's entertaining is to watch people's faces as the girls head to a favorite breakfast place, the annoyingly named but tasty Urth Caffe. network red-carpet hoo-ha, there is an aura of tantalizing mystery around them.

Rooney’s sister Kate Mara starred in the movielast year, Rooney Mara said she resented football growing up but told Letterman, "Now I appreciate it.

It's a very unique part of my family." When asked by the king of late night television which team she prefers to watch on Sundays, she said, "The Giants.

This part is shot in a weird, jumpy, flashbacky way that I assume is meant to convey how the victims feel after being drugged.

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    Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but their number one criteron make sense to us: an emphasis in profile questions on mutual interests and honest self-representation over looks and sexual prowess.

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    These are the standards you can expect them to meet.