Married couples dating ideas

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Married couples dating ideas - who is ray fiennes dating

Visit a museum or art gallery Pick one that you both think sounds interesting, and see what new things you learn.6.Go bowling Winner gets to pick where you go for dessert.7. Re-create your first date Take her to the restaurant you first took her to. Reminisce about the little details of that time together.9.

You can typically rent them online, hourly, for an affordable rate.

We don’t spend a lot of time just him and I during the week.

I try hard to step away from the computer on the weekends, but weekends are so often filled with family activities, hanging out with friends, or church.

While we’ve recently made arrangements for a monthly date night, swapping babysitting with another couple so they can go out too, these dates are often a little shorter as I have a finite time to get away from a nursing baby.

So I recently thought it would be awesome to get back in the groove of having a weekly or bi-weekly at home date night.

The evenings are the time that I work on this blog, usually until about midnight every night.

My husband is usually exhausted and wants to just be alone for a while after his long days of school and work and enjoys watching some Youtube videos upstairs.

Or we can back up, join hands and make the “serious” choice to find ways to go forward as a team.

To do that, it works best if we have been active beforehand in stockpiling good feelings about each other.

is important to both of us and because we also kind of like spending time together, that needed to change. What’s the best way to make sure something happens around here? To make it a little more fun we decided to rotate who plans the dates. He’s enjoying these date nights just as much as I am.

The rules are that we have to keep in mind what the month looks like. Hubby reminded me as the end of the month approached. Because it was so last minute, the date had to be at home, it had to be pretty inexpensive and it had to be without a babysitter.

I’ve complied a list of all the awesome ideas that were sent to me. I bought a couple of beers we have never tried for a mini beer tasting.