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In 1942, Liebling quit his first semester at Brooklyn College to enlist in World War II, serving in the notoriously deadly glider infantry. Ad Reinhardt’s Bauhaus-influenced design classes honed his formal sensibility; documentary photographer Walter Rosenblum opened his eyes to the power of the photographic image.

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Many of these photos and information come from the folks on Facebook.Rabbinical literature teems with legends touching every event of his marvellous career: taken singly, these popular tales are purely imaginative, yet, considered in their cumulative force, they vouch for the reality of a grand and illustrious personage, of strong character, high purpose, and noble achievement, so deep, true, and efficient in his religious convictions as to thrill and subdue the minds of an entire race for centuries after his death.The Bible furnishes the chief authentic account of this luminous life. In Ex., ii, 10, a derivation from the Hebrew Mashah (to draw) is implied.To deny or to doubt the historic personality of Moses, is to undermine and render unintelligible the subsequent history of the Israelites.So if you see a big empty space, imagine me cursing!

I have BOXES of additional information and hundreds of additional photos to insert, so watch this space!› Events › Dani Liebling › 6 comments › Photography exhibition: April 24 – June 6th, 2015 Opening reception: Friday April 24th, 6 – 8 pm Steven Kasher Gallery, 515 W.26th Street, Floor 2, New York, NY 10001 For more info: Steven Kasher Gallery is proud to announce .They were married on , Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky, USA. Joined Japanese troups gymnasts (Keith's Vaudville) & traveled through all major cities in N. It belonged to a high tempered neighbor* (I'd be high tempered too! They joked about it saying they were eating Beef mid oot Zilt. I do not infer, but I have been asked if the name Hoover which is Holland Dutch has any blood line connections with H. There has been talk of relatives of many years past that migrated to Calif. (Thompson relatives I've traced to SF: - descendants of Jesse) There is no photo of Grandfather Andrew Green. This is further complicated by the published birth of Melissa as also born in 1850. Cover; with father Benjamin Cover, born Pennsylvania; mother Melissa I.[Book 0126, Page 0039; Name: Tinney, Prentice and Fudge, Hazel; Courthouse Marriage License Index Date: 03/01/1928; ]; HAZEL KATHLEEN GREENE TINNEY HISTORY BOOK pg 27; HAZEL KATHLEEN GREENE TINNEY HISTORY BOOK pg 28; Her first marriage was to George Fudge, , Greene County, Ohio, USA. Thompson; (is ----- than eighteen years of age ^but more than 16 years of age) and do hereby give my consent to her marriage to above named Jacob H. Rector and Mary, were living in Xenia, Greene, Ohio, as noted by the () of Xenia, Greene, Ohio. He was very religious and believed pictures are images which is forbidden in the Bible and would never permit a picture of himself. Baith records have Melissa O'Bannon, born , as mother of all the children. O'Bannon, born Garden City, (Cass County) Missouri.Listing the hundreds of live music venues that operated in the Twin Cities from the 19th Century to 1974 may be an impossible task, but it’s great fun! If I’ve grabbed one of your photos and not given you credit, please let me know!

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