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It's prosperity for her church and the mostloyal who have devoted their lives to it, not for the poor,homeless, meek, weak or disenfranchised.I had mentioned her name to him because early one morning I happened to turn on the television and watched her teaching without bias. Supposedly Melissa had a pretty bad reputation and background (OK, I'm being gracious).

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When she was exposed as well as to her inner circle she appeared pale and ashamed.If you pull her up on google images and click into the illustration of her with the title of the same you will read her confession. The whole thing is an abomination in the eyes of God, and a stench in his nostril.Now that all is out and the people do not know she continues to laugh about it by teaching on being clothed, Isaish walking around nude, etc. Some people think that even as they fool others, they can fool God.But let’s just suppose that all of that stuff is true. She marries Gene Scott [20 years her elder], after they both divorced their spouses.pastor melissa scott and paul crouch jr have been spending weeks in Costa Rico and Florida. He’s on air explaining his conversion experience to Crouch paul, john. Pastor Answers Questions About Jr Is Scott Dating Jr?

While surfing American evangelist websites (as I do) I came across a pastor that was kind of 'different' - Pastor Melissa Scott. Pictures of 'Barbie Bridges', her alter ego, are difficult to find and she has enough power and money to get all the Youtube clips pulled down.It’s rumored that she was a porn star named Barbie ‘something or other’ prior to becoming a wife and subsequent Bible scholar.There is more than a little slander on the Internet about that which may not yet be proven to be all fact.I didn't take in much of what she said, but I did take notice and thought I'd find out a bit more about her. Evangelists seem to have a lot of power over the Youtube, but she and her cronies didn't hide everything.She's educated and classy and if I was still Christian I'd be a devotee. Born: Franklin the daughter of Oklahoma City pastors Ron and Linda Dryden toggle navigation.

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