New bill mandating solar energy

21-Aug-2019 16:41 by 10 Comments

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It's an unprecedented attack on clean energy in Wyoming, and possibly the nation.And it comes at a time when such resources are becoming cheaper and increasingly in demand as the world seeks to transition to clean energy to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

They filed the bill on Tuesday, the first day of the state's 2017 legislative session.One of President Obama's main climate policy thrusts was to persuade the world that since you often get what you pay for, the world should stop paying for more extreme climate disruption by subsidizing fossil fuels.Both the G7 and the G20 accepted Obama's lead—at least nominally. Revealingly, both rich and poor countries which were helping energy consumers get cheaper fuel reformed.But there is a more effective wayfor California cities to become greener than increasing the number of solar panels, according to Vox’s Brad Plumer: Ease the restrictions on housing density.People in cities tend to have a smaller carbon footprint than those in rural areas, Plumer writes; they walk more, live in smaller spaces, and use less energy.And California, home to the world’s eighth largest economy, is poised to be a climate leader.

While Trump has promised to “cancel” the Paris Agreement, California is still committed to drastically cutting emissions and getting half of it’s energy from renewable sources by 2030."I haven't seen anything like this before," Shannon Anderson, director of the local organizing group Powder River Basin Resource Council, told Inside Climate News."This is essentially a reverse renewable energy standard." Anderson, who has tracked the Wyoming legislature's work for a decade, added: "I think there will be a lot of concerns about its workability and whether this is something the state needs to do...According to information obtained from the Tradewinds News, the Japanese GMS chemical tanker was carrying 9,000 tons of raw palm oil and a substantial (unknown) amount of this was spilt into the surrounding waters.The Guangzhou authorities dispatched nine vessels to assist and contain from reports we have seen, yet the Hong Kong government claim that they were not told of the spill until Aug. By the time the Hong Kong government found out, large amounts of this palm oil began washing up on Hong Kong's southern beaches.One of the lawmakers who sponsored Senate Bill 843, Sen.