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Can anybody link any of the artist's other cartoons?I love Josman's cartoons, but the idea having sex with my jerk of a father (he's dead anyway) or my cousins turns my stomach upside down.Perhaps if Josman knew that people were willing to purchase a part 4, he might be willing to write and draw it.It would be interesting to see how the relationships develop if the son, the father and father's brother found out about each other. You can order Josman's book through either Handjobs or Different Light Bookstore.Gran Buddy is the best online personals site for mature women and young, South African guys looking for a wild time.Message or receive as many messages as you like and never pay a dime.

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    Even though we received fewer messages compared to other sites, we rated 40 percent “good” — the most out of the seven sites we tested.

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