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Also, an individual’s voice tone may communicate nonverbal messages to others.In the workplace, people interact with each other throughout the workday using verbal and nonverbal communication.

Using nonverbal cues can enhance how people receive your communication.Consequently, women tend to use nonverbal communication more than men.Women are better than men at interpreting nonverbal signal, according to the website Body Language Expert.In essence, the way individuals deliver nonverbal messages can be just as important as verbal dialogue.Examples of nonverbal communication include what you wear, how you wear your clothes, facial expressions, body gestures, eye contact, voice, posture, and the distance between you and your audience.Nonverbal communication is not just something we do to show how we are feeling, but we also depend on our interpretations of it when we interact with each other.

Nonverbal communication includes body language, tone of voice and facial expressions, all of which can be misinterpreted.They are also better at reading unintentional nonverbal messages, such as signals of deception.Although men often send nonverbal signals, they typically do so with less subtlety than women.Accordingly, understanding gender differences in nonverbal communication is important when dealing with the opposite sex.One of the reasons that men and women differ in their use of nonverbal communication is that their reasons for communicating are often different, according to John Gray, author of the best-seller "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." Men generally communicate to transmit information and solve specific problems, while women usually use communication to express feelings and achieve emotional intimacy.He earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kentucky College of Law. Nonverbal communication is more immediate, but more ambiguous than verbal communication.

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