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The 24th October 2012 saw the first of a series of Virtual Futures Salon events.This was a very sexy event: held in the TROVE gallery, a very Berlin-style disused warehouse right in the centre of the city, and showcasing some of the strangest and most avant-garde art and thought happening right now.

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The supposed 16-year-old girl was an undercover detective posing as a teenage prostitute and Jeff Howard Buffington talked with a woman he believed to be the teen prostitute's mother to confirm his intentions with her daughter, according to court records.

The girl's mother was also an undercover detective, police said.

Buffington, 34, told police he was at home with a toddler on Friday afternoon when he started a text-message conversation with a woman on an online classified-ad site with whom he arranged to exchange money for sex, according to court records.

When he arrived at the hotel, police said Buffington was greeted by an undercover officer posing as the girl's mother who reiterated the agreement Buffington had reached with her daughter, according to court records.

Police arrested Buffington when he produced the agreed upon sum of money and the condoms, according to court records.

Prior to the 's report, Bleacher Report's Joel Reuter ranked Heimlich the 89th-best player overall and 10th-best left-handed pitcher in the 2017 draft class.

The junior went 11-1 with a 0.76 ERA in 16 starts for the Beavers this season.

's Danny Moran and Brad Schmidt reported he had pleaded guilty in 2012 to sexually molesting a six-year-old family member.

MLB draft expert Christopher Crawford told SB Nation's Marc Normandin on Monday that multiple teams had taken Heimlich off their draft boards.

The woman originally told Buffington she was 20 years old and later said she was 16, according to police."I'm OK with the age as long as you aren't a cop," Buffington told the undercover officer, according to court records.

Police said Buffington agreed to meet the girl at a west Valley hotel and to pick up condoms on the way.

After he was in custody, police said Buffington informed them of a toddler who was in his care and was asleep in a crib at a home about five miles away.

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    As he is getting older, one has to wonder why he would withdraw from this important tournament? It is refreshing to see a high-profile athlete with such an obvious love and attention to this family. He gave up making memories for himself in favor of making memories with his daughter.

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