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So, potential suitors, if you do commit any of these no-nos, know that I’m doing a dramatic reading of your messages over a glass of wine and sending screenshots to everyone. And you thought getting picked last in gym class was mortifying.

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The problem is that they unwittingly act out those attitudes, and when I point it out, I usually get treated like I’m irrational and hysterical.

Note: Some people do actually REALLY get it and I tend to cling to those people like little life savers in the high seas of sexism.

It goes like this: Me: “I’m a feminist and social justice advocate. As long as you’re okay with me holding doors for you/me paying for your dinner/taking a guy’s name when you get married/you shave your armpits/ you are not talking about feminist stuff.” What I hear: “I don’t know what feminism is.

I’ve been trying my hand at online dating for quite a while now.

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The current state of our society highlights the oppressive systems that are, and have been, thriving.To my friends, family, students, and colleagues who feel lost, afraid, attacked, and dehumanized: I love, honor, and respect you. And when you are ready, I invite you into dialogue and action.For the most part, I do not encounter active, conscious sexism on a regular basis.Most people will acquiesce that social equality is a pretty good idea.It’s rare for me to encounter folks (especially in my age group) who voice or act on obvious and explicit sexist attitudes. Which means it’s the nasty, hidden, pervasive kind.The kind that perpetrators (and victims) usually don’t recognize, name, or give credence to.

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