Oracle consolidating different calendars

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Oracle consolidating different calendars

There will be 11 pre-defined dimensions such as scenario, year, period, view, currency, etc. For example the Consolidation Dimension Tracks Calculations and locked status: There will be built-in compliance rules to ensure one user cannot do everything.For example, journal submitters cannot also be the approver of the submission.

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You will also participate as an integral part of the accounting team during the month end close process, as well as contribute to financial reporting, and year-end audit preparation.You may notice that As a matter of fact, FCCS is actually built on top of the PBCS cloud framework… It’s great for complex situation and unique environments that need to make a consolidation tool fit the needs of the business. The target is for customers with general consolidation needs in fairly normal situations that want a simple out of the box tool that has standard calculations, standard reports, etc. The first release of FCCS will have these functional activities: So, basically, tools that make it easy to stand-up an application using the features you want and hides the features you do not want.with the same architecture based on Essbase as the data storage technology, unlike HFM which stores data relationally. The idea of FCCS is to simplify the process into the two basic steps: Consolidate and Translate… Currently you can add features, but cannot subtract so you will want to be careful. There is a Consolidations dimension (similar to the HFM Value Dimension), which tracks consolidations, and a Data Source dimension, which tracks the source of data.We are changing the world, day by day, by making it easier for people to go, stay, work and live anywhere.Imagine a mobile you, in a world where technology helps people reach their unlimited potential.For example, you can’t add any of the following features, and in some cases you can’t even change the existing items: If you do need to create a shared workbook, check the list of restricted features, and make sure you have everything set up exactly the way you want it, before you share the file.

Test everything after you share the file, because things might not work the way they did before. Find out exactly what the workbook’s purpose is, and why multiple people need to use it.

Enable users to continue accessing their workstations, resources and email, regardless of their migration status, to ensure business continuity.

Because users experience no disruption during the migration, the Help Desk is free to focus on other priorities.

Standard reports will be available such as an Intercompany matching report.

You will be able to kick out reports in PDF, Excel, etc. There are some options for data entry: There will be limited UI Customizations, like the rest of the cloud products such as defining a landing page, creating customized announcements, and editing some user preferences. When you log in you see the basic tiles or “cards” where you can launch the different functional pieces.

Occasionally a client asks me to create a shared workbook in Excel, so two or more employees can work in it at the same time.

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