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Although life in has not broken down to the same extent as in the Solomons, Australia says it is now time to get tough before it does.

Instead, it is the hate crimes, violence and discrimination incited by the law that puts gay and transgender Papua New Guineans at risk.

Two months ago, Australia led a force of more than 2,000 soldiers to restore order to the Solomon Islands, racked by civil conflict. Foreigners live behind barbed wire in the crime-ridden capital.

The problems of both Pacific island countries stem partly from their rocky transitions to Westminster-style government after independence, 's scattered provinces, loyalties are often more tribal than to parliament in far-away Port Moresby. Australia's conservative coalition government, led by John Howard, argues that intervention in the affairs of so-called failed states in Australia's neighbourhood is justified to stop them turning into havens for international crime and terrorism.

Voting began in Papua New Guinea elections on Saturday with the Pacific nation’s leader urging peaceful polling to show it has “come of age”, as he seeks another term to fix an economy under siege.

Peter O’Neill’s People’s National Congress won the last election in 2012, and he has campaigned on delivering key infrastructure and providing free education and health to a country that remains mired in poverty.

One of the Gelegele featured in Vlad's documentary film Guavas and Bananas: Living Gay in PNG, is Haraga, known to locals as 'Speedy'.

Speedy has lived in Hanubada village for 22 years, moving there at the age of 15.“With all the variables at play this is an educated guess, but my money is on O’Neill,” said Melanesia Programme research fellow Jonathan Pryke at the Lowy Institute in Australia.“Say what you will about his policy track record, he is clearly a master at the game of politics.'s prime minister, accused Australia of wanting to take control of its old colony again and threatened to look elsewhere for his aid.After talks on September 18th between Sir Michael and Mr Downer in Port Moresby, the capital, ; but it also raised questions about Australia's wider strategic intentions in the Pacific.But no party has ever won a majority, meaning a coalition is likely, held together by strategic political appointments.

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