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I’m not going to go down like this.”That, the judge ruled, met the legal requirement that an interview be halted when a suspect makes a “clear and unequivocal” request for legal counsel. That’s why you’re here.” Fourteen-year-old Eva* thought she was being punished for disobeying her parents.

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Forced child labor occurs in begging, street vending, cocaine production and transportation, and other criminal activities.

In front of her lies the new school curriculum manual, which the Peruvian government sent out to all schools at the beginning of the new academic year. It is founded in the idea that everyone should be respected in their sexual choices.

To her left, up on the wall, hangs an image of Jesus on the cross. It was meant to enforce women who are often still pushed into the traditional work of cleaning the house and cooking.

With proper drying, the roots can last up to seven years.

In the ancient times, Incan warriors are said to have consumed maca roots prior to going to battle.

Peruvian men, women, and children are exploited in forced labor in the country, principally in gold mining and related services, logging, agriculture, brick-making, unregistered factories, organized street begging, and domestic service.

A public report revealed 17 percent of the cases of 3,911 known Peruvian trafficking victims involved male victims, and government officials and NGOs also acknowledged male victims of forced labor or bonded labor in illegal mining.

In our investigation, we have met growers, traders and researchers and have come back with a better understanding and appreciation for the plant.

Due to its benefits, the maca plant is now available as supplement and can be found in major health food stores.

Even before she sits down, Milagros Rios starts to weep.

She takes some tissues from the box on her desk to dry her eyes. The new school curriculum states that men and women should have the same rights and should be treated equally.

Peruvian women and children are exploited in sex trafficking in other countries, particularly within South America, and women and girls from neighboring countries are found in sex trafficking in Peru.