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5) Send three gifts per day : Users have the option to send virtual gifts to other singles. Send up to three in a single day with an upgraded membership.6) Upload 16 images : Bump up your image count from 8 to 16. Plenty of Fish also states that upgrading your membership gives you a “massive increase in messages,” triples the number of people viewing your profile, makes you stand out in search results, and “more than triples your chances of meeting someone.” These claims seem to float there without any added explanation and the website inaccurately lists them as “features,” perhaps to make the list look longer and therefore more appealing. : I can see who else online and near by, so messaging people can be more like instant messaging than e-mailing.

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In light of this, Plenty Of Fish has just released some interesting findings on the dating behaviour of Americans who are now married to a partner they met online.

It’s quiet, it’s boring, and if there are people there, you don’t really know it.

Sure, there are some interesting items to pull down and look at, but it’s not the kind of place that leads you start a conversation.

The popular dating site recently asked over 1,000 former Plenty Of Fish users across the US about their behaviour and actions when looking for love online, and how this related to their success.

The site found that in terms of making the first move, 40% of those who found love online sent the first message to their partner, with 35% of married women initiating the first conversation.

3) See if your sent messages were read or deleted: Sent messages are marked as read, unread, or deleted.

This helps users to know whether they should send that follow-up message or not.We will see…However, I do know, that these concepts are tried and true.So take some notes and get some inspiration or use it as review for what you already know.When recalling their first conversations, many respondents (17%) said their partner had mentioned something specific from their profile they found interesting.Surprisingly, the second most favoured first line was “Hey, what’s up?After the initial basic information screen, Plenty Of Fish offers just one more page (followed by an optional quiz) to enter all the information you need. It’s a valid concern that Plenty Of Fish doesn’t worry about for two reasons: Plenty Of Fish wins here because its active community means that even the worst case scenarios (porn, advertisements, spam, etc.), are corrected quickly, allowing users to start messaging immediately.

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