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GMine is a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for the higher-level analysis of biomolecular data.The software has been developed with a focus on protein microarrays, but can be used for any n x m data matrix (with n x m The data of the demo project was generated in a prospective study investigating host immune response to Plasmodium falciparum (Crompton et al. Compton et al used a protein microarray consisting of 2,320 probes (representing ~23% of the P. USA.2010;1586963 Columns represent samples and rows malaria parasite proteins (antigens or features).

The default value is : numeric scalar indicating the line width to use for the line drawn between the strip charts for the two groups and the confidence interval for the difference between the two groups.falciparum proteome) to profile host immune response (Ig G) against malaria parasite proteins. The matrix stores signal intensities, representing host immune response (Ig G antibody response) against malaria proteins.The cohort comprises 220 individuals in age ranges 210 years and 1825 years from Kabila, Mali. A prospective analysis of the antibody (Ab) response to Plasmodium falciparum before and after a malaria season by protein microarray. A total of 155 subjects, 310 samples (2 samples per subject) and 249 malaria proteins were included in the data matrix of the demo project. Primary group (4th column) represents age group of included subjects (age group 1: 2-4 years, age group 2: 5 -10, age group 3: 18-25 years).The default value is the current value of the graphics parameter : numeric or character scalar indicating the color of the line drawn between the strip charts for the two groups and the confidence interval for the difference between the two groups.The default value is #------------------------ # Two Independent Samples #------------------------ # The guidance document USEPA (1994b, pp. In the default method the data can be specified as a list or data frame where each component is numeric, a numeric matrix, or a numeric vector.

In the formula method, a symbolic specification of the form for the case when there are just 2 groups, a numeric scalar between 0 and 1 indicating the confidence level associated with the confidence interval for the difference between group locations.In contrast to most other plotting functions, changing the size of the graphics device will often change the position of the points.The plotting characters and colors can be controlled in two ways.The script naturally requires you to have vpython installed. You can toggle the grid lines on/off by pressing the "g" key.If the script is ran by itself, it will calculate the maximal frame rate it can churn out.By default, the number of breakpoints for discretization is determined by a combination of the available plotting area and the plotting character size.

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