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We've had a great run but we've decided to discontinue our plans with Cyber Sex to make room for our latest project.Don't worry we're keeping the most used and fun features that you're acustom to and making them available on our new Sex Chat site Online Free

The activities are fun so you can easily "break the ice" with your new learning partner and get effective practice.All your friends are chatting at our new site, so click Join Them Now!Learn German online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language.Write or speak German online to improve grammar or conversation.A language exchange complements other forms of learning such as classroom, cultural immersion and multimedia, because you get to practice all that you have learned with native speakers in a safe and supportive environment.Many of you are most likely not sure how to embark on this enormous task.

One common mistake is not setting any short, mid, and long term goals.

I will cover classroom learning in another post later in this series.

Goals & Motivation So you've decided to learn Japanese, great.

In the comments many of you ask us how we learned Japanese.

I decided to write a short blog series about how I, personally, learned the language since you all seem to be really interested in how the process go - there's plenty of other paths than my own, naturally.

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