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Rebecca got huge popularity among models and started appearing on the front cover of various magazines.

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Despite her sometimes antagonistic behavior towards certain people, she does not hesitate to admit that she is wrong.Rebecca Romijnborn as Rebecca Alie Romijnis a well-known American actress and former fashion icon.This stunning beauty was born on 1972 in Berkeley in the state of California. She was born to Jaap Romijn, a custom furniture maker and Elizabeth Romijn.This one is an updated one, and this one is much longer than my other one, but still, please R&R! Disclaimer: As usual, I don't own anything to Full House. I'm only updating chapter 1 to fix grammar and simple mistakes."Dad! This first chapter is pretty much the episode of "Tanner vs. They already have Comet in this story, and just saying, this chapter is long, Please review!

He went upstairs, not even remembering to clean the kitchen. This tall beauty was nicknamed ‘Jolly Blonde Giant’ in her teenage days because of her unusual height (5.11ft).She turned her natural height to her advantage which later helped her in a modeling career."The Templars might have deeper pockets than us, but they've got no ambition, no passion, no competitive edge!That's why, even with all their resources, anything they can do, I can do better.What would happen if Jesse never fell in love with Becky, but Danny?

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