Rehydroxylation dating

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The reaction of the mass gain of samples in extreme thermal environments demonstrates the need for methodological precision as well as a uniform physical sample state.Different levels of humidity have had a significant effect on mass gain, contrary to previous literature.

These include the masses of three types of water present in the sample: capillary water, weakly chemisorbed molecular water and chemically combined RHX water.

We describe the main steps of the RHX dating process: sample preparation, drying, conditioning, reheating and measurement of RHX mass gain.

We propose a statistical criterion for isolating the RHX component of the measured mass gain data after reheating and demonstrate how to calculate the RHX age.

We show that the rehydroxylation (RHX) method can be used to date archaeological pottery, and give the first RHX dates for three disparate items of excavated material.

These are in agreement with independently assigned dates.

Rehydroxylation is a developing method of dating fired materials that was introduced to fired brick in 2009 and archaeological pottery in 2012.

This technique is based upon dating the Stage II kinetics of the rehydroxylation process using...The reason it’s so exciting is that this method will allow archaeologists to date pottery. I am not a materials scientist so it’s possible that if something seems odd that’s me messing up the description. Pottery and other ceramics make up most of the data that you’ll find on an archaeological site.The other is I am not on the research team — I’ve merely emailed some questions. Unfortunately there hasn’t been an easy way to directly date it. Pot types and technology come into and out of fashion.Our results suggest that RHX has the potential to be a reliable and technically straightforward method of dating archaeological pottery, thus filling a long-standing gap in dating methods. is a good weasel word, but if Rehydroxylation Dating can be independently verified then it could be a more important form of dating than radiocarbon dating.The RHX method depends on the validity of this law for describing long-term RHX weight gain on archaeological timescales.

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