Remove powered by skadate dating software

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Remove powered by skadate dating software - Mumbai cam to cam chatting free no registration no credit cartd

The leading chat server software for dating/ social networks, It can be easily added to all websites: Joomla!

I've identified a few niche dating sites that I know could turn a profit, however I lack the programming experience to write a custom CMS.

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Like for example server access and target directory.

However we did install the site and the splash page, and they are active now, and we would like to continue the conversation to receive the missing information from you in order to complete the job. Speaking about modification, if you need some specific settings, or you wish to modify the standard feature according to your needs, our high-qualified expert team is always glad to help you with it, it is paid service, as additional work and efforts are required in this case.

If you don't currently have the skills yourself, you generally have two options: pay someone; or learn programming. In my experience, most people asking this question are looking for a programmer to "partner up with" where the programmer puts in all of the up-front time investment and the marketing guy helps monetize the idea.

From what I've seen, in my 15 years in tech and programming, this never works.Considering most successful dating sites employ custom CMS's that range from k-200k USD in development costs, how could someone new to this field who has a great idea get started?I'm not looking for white label solutions, but to create a true startup such as POF.Dear Frank, we are sorry you have had an unpleasant experience working with our company.However, while we fully understand your frustration, we must insist that we have upheld our end of the deal by providing you with the ordered software and additional modules twice, first while you were hosting your site on our servers and then on yours.123Flash Chat works well cross-platform, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. And there are mobile apps for users to login the chat room via their i Phone, i Pad, i Touch and Android.