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They formed in 2005 by Ryan White and Andy Turner, later adding Mc Gregor Button in 2006.

They recorded two albums: one for Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records titled You Are A Vulture (2006) and one independently called Mutiny In the Kitchen With Knives (2008).

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Vladimir Putin, then President of Russia, claimed the groups were being funded by Western government agencies, adding: "This law had been adopted to stop foreign powers interfering in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation." The video, which appeared at the time to be an effort to frame the British, showed men alleged to be British agents repeatedly walking past the rock located next to a Moscow street.

One clip showed one of the men kicking the device, possibly because it had malfunctioned, while another British diplomat was seen picking up the football-sized rock and walking away with it.

While researching the programme she made contact with a Nato official from who she was accused of trying to extract secrets.

Anatol Lieven, an expert in Russia at King's College, London, said: "The Russian authorities were always quite sure that this was a case of spying, even though they were accused of paranoia at the time, and there is no reason this will cause them to stir it up again.

"However it shows that, while we always accuse the Russians of not changing since the cold war, the same might be said of MI6." A spokesman at the Russian Embassy in London said: "We believe that sufficient comments were already given by Russian officials back in 2006." The Foreign Office declined to comment.

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