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Many scammers are just twens, often students, many are married, yet have real life girlfriends sitting next to them while they pretend to be "in Afghanistan" on the internet asking their victims for "money for leave", and worse.

Located in the awesome, laid-back capital city of Accra, this programme offers an incredible new challenge, a brilliant teaching experience and the chance to make a difference in kids’ lives.In Ghana, the majority of people live in mud huts with thatch roofs.They rarely have running water, and many children are malnourished. They are proud of their country and always help one another.Volunteer in Ghana with PMGY, a low-cost, responsible volunteer travel organisation.Plan My Gap Year provides unique, personal and secure programs abroad with a number of different volunteer projects in Ghana, including Childcare, English Teaching and Medical & Healthcare.Being so close to the beach and the capital city of Accra means your free time can be spent seeing the sights, lazing on a sunny beach or partying with your newfound friends.

Ghana is one of the most secure and friendly destinations where you can relax, get to know the locals and explore the country at your leisure.

Volunteering at a childcare project and school you’ll get teaching experience, get involved in fun games and activities and help Ghanaian kids reach their full potential for the ultimate feel-good factor.

Get to know Ghana on this rewarding and challenging childcare experience: It’s the ideal all-round introduction to amazing Africa.

She wears no makeup, and flashes a wide grin every time she speaks.

As she moves to join other girls dancing under a bright light, it is clear that she is a few months pregnant.

It’s 2 AM on a Sunday and the city of Accra is fast asleep.