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I have now come full circle in my academic career as I graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and Zoology from UCNW Bangor in 1987. Having completed my Ph D in 1992, I remained in Aberdeen for 4 years postdoctoral research studying the physiological ecology of salmonids and flounder. In 1989, I headed north to undertake doctoral research under the supervision of Prof. In 1996, I was awarded a NERC Fellowship and I moved to the University Field Station (Glasgow University) on Loch Lomondside to examine the effect of intraspecific variation in physiological performance on growth and life history strategies in salmonid fish. In 1999, I 'popped over the pond' to Mustang Island on the Gulf coast of south Texas to work for Prof. Behavioural trials using the Audio Fish Caller (2005). EU INTERREG IIIb Atlantic Arc Programme (Mc Carthy). In those waters scales can only be supplied by anglers from fish that are killed and taken for consumption.Scales from killed or returned fish continue to be acceptable in the Republic of Ireland.Maybe some of them also are secret hooker, who work at their private appartment and do it for pocket money? Another mostly legal part of "prostitution" in Menai Bridge is to hire an escort lady from an agency.

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