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On college campuses across the United States, the response to violence against women has sparked some creative m Health responses, such as Night Owl, a social mobile application that provides users with an anonymous way to report dangerous situations at social events, or the Circle of 6 application that allows users to quickly text a trusted friend if they sense a risky situation.

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The Western Indian Ocean is home to an abundance of remote islands and underwater habitats.Save Our Seas Foundation’s (SOSF) director of conservation Thomas P.Peschak always dreamed of a perfect marine wilderness.Today there are over 100,000 m Health applications for mobile communications across a range of uses—from creating educational text messages for pregnant women to tracking immunizations to combating counterfeit drug use.But using m Health to combat gender-based violence is relatively new, mostly because of the sensitivity of the issue.You expect bawdy stories such as this on the front page of the Daily Voice - which is why you buy that paper, no disrespect intended as the paper has its place in our media landscape. What does this matter when the paper sold like hot cakes?

In the Sowetan, you'd expect such a story to be inside the paper - just as City Press did on Sunday. the story was already old by Monday and, still, the Sowetan went to town with it the next day. For one, it reminds us when it comes to sex, South Africans are not as conservative as we sometimes think.A couple of weeks back, heads rolled over the lackadaisical editing that saw Eric Miyeni's creepy rant against City Press editor Ferial Haffajee make it into print.This week we've had the cop sex video story on Monday's front page that has quickly become such a talking point in South Africa.The highest moral values was displayed that the now Minister for health minister M. Parti Lepep is even filled with more moral candidates just as young Christian Lionnet now also made minister after ensuring every seychellois has land and a home before even thinking of a holiday in the Arabian deserts alongside a good companionship.Lionnet's family fully supporting him in his work and breeding him to now ministerial capacity will not end there.Secondly, it highlights that it's how you play it that counts.