Shannon magrane and colton dixon dating

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Shannon magrane and colton dixon dating

“Hey, Phillip, gray is the worst color you could ever wear on stage!

The Top 13, in their own words: De Andre Brackensick, 17, from San Jose, Calif. 'Once in My Life' covered by Stevie Wonder is my favorite song."Fun fact(s): "I can eat a whole cup o' noodles in less than 10 seconds. it's the biggest compliment anyone has ever [given] me. I have a little growl in my voice so I relate to that. Six-string strummer: "The guitar, man, it just becomes one with me. I would use it every week if I could, definitely."Fun fact: "I can do an impression of Mr. But Jessica Sanchez is definitely one of my very favorites and she's incredible, so look out for her."Fun fact: "I love juice like an addiction. And the judges' criticism I don't take very hard because I can fix what I need to fix, [which is] my vibrato.

Here is Pop Crush’s handy recap of the Top 11 and their performances.

Joshua Ledet: He arrived on the scene in 1992, so he rocked Michael Bolton’s ‘When a Man Loves a Woman.’ Ledet, who ate some crawfish before performing, showed off high and low ranges that we had not yet seen.

" he asked Tyler, who didn't miss a beat with his quick-witted reply. Hot, humid and happening...yeah, just like your daughter! Once she sang, Tyler was even more impressed, and joined Lopez and Jackson to unanimously send her through to the next round.

PHOTOS: 2012 winter TV preview The Tampa, Fla., teen wasn't the only one to wow on Wednesday's premiere. But it was the night's final auditioned Phillip Phillips who really blew the judges away. "[You have] something that makes people stop and stare.

was built around two distinct themes: Paying tribute to the Billy Joel songbook and paying absolutely no mind to the advice of the show’s new/official style guru, Tommy Hilfiger.

As Steven Tyler so direly warned at the top of the show, “If you can’t sing Billy Joel, you can’t sing at all.” (This seems to be the total reverse of Randy’s oft-stated “If you can sing, you can sing anything” philosophy.) And while the undeniably talented Top 10 fared pretty well with the Piano Man’s tunes — at least five contestants hit something close to their personal best — I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Ryan Seacrest tell Mr.

Hilfiger that his journey has come to an end after Kieran dims the lights on Thursday’s results-show telecast.

Seriously, it was undeniably comical the way the contestants seemed to do the opposite of what Tommy wanted.

“Hey, Elise, we’re going to put you in a pair of high-waisted bell bottoms!

” Cut to Elise tossing said bell bottoms into a dumpster and emerging in a flowing violet gown with leather-and-tulle vest-cape-thingie.

Read more → This week’s Netflix Friday is another interesting political documentary, “Loose Change 9/11, An American Coup”.

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