Siwon dating sooyoung

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Siwon dating sooyoung - fake facebook profiles for dating etc

Yu-Ra (Park Han-Byeol) is the marketing team leader for a fashion brand. there was not single episode where i didn't laughed... I really liked every episode and watched with full interest. I will give it 10/10 no doubt (For great casting and storyline) I really like this drama a lot. She's also the first love of top star Seong Min-Woo (Choi Si-Won). Yoon Gae-Hwa (Chae Rim) is the 35 year old housewife who will become the manager ... especially his funny side that of course is a part of his real character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i've watched 60 dramas) Loved every episode from beginning to end! I am amazed by the fantastic performance of Chae Rim..

Su propia agencia y las páginas de noticias no confirmaban que se trataba de él, puesto que hasta ese momento sólo se revelaban capturas del vídeo.

Social networking has been a great way for our favorite idols to interact with their fans on a more personal level, and Instagram has been one of the most popular ways for our idols to reach out to us.

Thank goodness for it too, because we’ve been able to get a closer glimpse into the lives of the hottest stars.

I hope Noona will have projects with actors in her age. Hahaha don't know why maybe because I write this comment after watched strong heart (sooyoung-yuri) episode. Honestly I don't like snsd so much but when I saw your acting in this drama (dating agency) I think you are REALLY did a good job.

i think that she has to hide them cause it seems that she is anorexic and really disturb me cause i think that i will to stop watching the rest o the drama . she is good actress Well, I want her do the next drama with lee seung gi. May your group become one of the most prominent and legendary singing groups of the world in history (that includes ABBA, Beatles, Bee Gees, et. With their current age in the 23-24 yrs, they need to break out and be at the very top of singing groups for the next 5-7 years straight.

And now, just thinking of the drama brings a cheerful, happy feeling to my heart. The two little girls, Bang Joon-seo and Kim Yoo-bin were darling. Don't Want to sound like an hysterical fan girl but i have to admit that Choi Siwon Is The Most Handsome man i've ever seen in my life OMLady! Wish could have seen further down the road, like the wedding but the report Min-Woo did was good too. (^_^) I fell in love with this Drama, Especially Si Won and Chae Rim... i mean fans and media that dont accept some relationship between famous people and "inappropriate" people (by the eyes of those fans and media).

The happy smiles of Choi Si-won and Chae Rim while they played their roles left a strong, lasting impression. This is The best drama i've ever watched so far :) Nice Plot And It's hella Funny Too^^ The Acting was also very GOOD.. after The Greatest Love and Oh My Lady, i've wondered if things like that happen for real in Korea.. funny drama,but im not happy to the ending, must be 20 epi, Chae rim is a good actress, for choi siwon although ist time as a leading man, he did his best to this drama. This is The best drama i've ever watched so far :) Nice Plot And It's hella Funny Too^^ The Acting was also very GOOD.. ♥ And Kim Woo Bin, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Kim Shi Hoo, Yoon Si Yoon, Kang Min Hyuk!When soo tell about park Seung il Soo and Seung gi a little bit crying, so touched! The app, which allows users to share videos, photos and messages, has drawn in close to 100 million users in the last six years.We know that you lot are quite like us on the idol stalker scale, we thought we’d compile a handy little list of all our fave idol users that you should totally be following on snapchat. I heard that she dating with Jung Kyung Ho hey KBS, MBC, SBS WHY NOT MAKE A DRAMA FOR THIS CUTE COUPLE?! You have a super sweet, angelic kind of look that makes me love you so much!!! She is truly breathtakingly beautiful and she needs to have a lot of dramas! I'm not snsd big fan but when I watched her drama suddenly I became one of her big fans! By the way yes I want her in some kbs or mbc drama (as a female LEAD) Or maybe some big movie like sassy girl 2 (or 3? )) honestly, i'm envy with their body :( she has a nice face but when i see her legs i am afraid cause it's not nice . We are very proud of you as a fellow Korean -- there is no other girls singing group in the world that can possibly match your group at this point in time. Just wanted to clarify, my daughter says 'it's creepy' that an old man like me is a fan of GG, not the songs by GG are creepy. Hope GG becomes a bigger star than now in the USA and across the world, very soon.