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Sowetan love dating - Cucold sex

JOHANNESBURG - One of the first people on the scene of 38-year-old Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi's murder told Eyewitness News his girlfriend tried to take her own life after allegedly stabbing him.Habedi died in his bedroom at his Alexandra home in the early hours of the morning and his girlfriend has since been arrested and charged with his murder.

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It’s not about a moral concern about two individuals, who are married, and who have decided to stray and cheat on their spouses. Their departments have said a mouthful about how morally reprehensible their conduct was.

The story has spread far and wide, particularly through the medium of the social networks where commentary has ranged from moral outrage to snorts and sniggers.

Papers in South Africa’s neighbouring countries have published the story too.

According to reports, Semenya and Raseboya got engaged in May last year.

However, Semenya was quick to dispel those reports, saying, “There is no wedding.

The seriousness of their conduct lies in complete disrespect for the people of this country.

They are having sex, on duty, in police uniform, in a government hospital, during working hours – all of which belong to the citizens of this country,” the editorial said.

Don’t believe the rumours you read in the news,” Semenya said according to the Sowetan website.

However, according to the Daily Sun website, Semenya, 24, sent her parents to Raseboya's family in Polokwane to negotiate lobola.

South Africa's hip hop community has been left reeling by his death, with Flabba being described as a "veteran and pioneer" for the music industry.

Habedi's brother Tshepang and cousin Luyanda tried to resuscitate the rapper moments after he'd been stabbed.

“But they were looking for people who would actually be keen on doing the thing for real,” he added.

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