Splunk search not updating

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You need three pieces of information to begin to diagnose indexing problems: indexing status, indexing rate, and queue fill pattern.

Displays the metrics relevant to the dashboard sources over the past 48 hours.Also, some search commands are more applicable to real-time searches than historical searches.For example, streamstats and rtorder were designed for use in real-time searches.It displays the status of malware events in your environment, and how that status changes over time based on data gathered by Splunk.Search malware events directly using Malware Search, or click chart elements or table rows to display raw events.You run a real-time search in exactly the same way you run historical searches.

However, because you are searching a live and continuous stream of data, the timeline updates as the events stream in and you can only view the report in preview mode.

The cluster's replication factor applies only to search artifact replication.

See Choose the replication factor for the search head cluster.

The indexer processor can be in one of several states: normal, saturated, throttled, or blocked.

View the current state using any of these methods: See About the Monitoring Console in Monitoring Splunk Enterprise.

Key indicators represent summary information and appear at the top of the dashboard. Shows all malware detected over the specified time period, split by signature.