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From playing in front blades of grass as youngsters to now a packed audience at The World's Most Famous Arena, this moment was destined for The Avett Brothers.See how they prepared for the debut at Madison Square Garden during our "Before the Show" series.

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Created and performed by undergraduate students from Rutgers University, the skits are developed for specific communities such as high school students, college students, community groups, social service agencies, and law enforcement. SCREAM Theater is guided by its commitment to help create communities that do not tolerate violence.

A poor hungry man, his wife, and a mouse, all live together in a round sod house.

The story ends with the completed drawing of a turkey who is just in time for their Thanksgiving!

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul? An exclusive event with CSA artists and alumni, featuring the current Season 5 artists.

Sinister predictions poison a war hero’s mind, as he and his wife do whatever it takes to achieve the power they think they’re due.

We have hundreds of play scripts that will fit your desired theme and budget.

Our scripts are not only for use by drama teachers.Singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile lets the pressure of expectation fuel her drive as she hits the stage.See how her "family" on tour got ready to spark a fire in her long-awaited MSG debut during their "Before the Show" episode.Through post-performance discussion with the audience, SCREAM works to dispel certain myths about interpersonal violence.A by-product of SCREAM’s efforts is the formation of a group of informed and committed peer educators who then serve as leaders on these issues within their families, circles of friends, and in their future workplaces.Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.

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    South Florida (Hollywood) When I got the e-mail the other day about the upcoming Lock and Key Event in Delray it brought me back to the night I met Shane almost a year ago. 27 at the Oxygen Lounge in Miami and apparently I was supposed to find the love of my life that night.