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The SYRMEP (SYnchrotron Radiation for MEdical Physics) beamline has been designed by Sincrotrone Trieste, in collaboration with the University of Trieste and the INFN, for research medical diagnostic radiology, material science and life science applications.The use of monochromatic and laminar-shaped beams allows, in principle, an improvement of the clinical quality of images and a reduction of adsorbed dose (because of both monochromaticity and scatter reduction).

Here, we present the plan of emerging and buried identified structures, their spatial relationship, and the associated archaeological materials to define their chronology and historical significance.

While visiting the Museo Diocesano in Udine recently, I came upon an unusual collection of small paintings.

Each one depicted a particularly gruesome scene; someone falling from a rooftop, someone being gored in the eye by a bull, someone being trampled by a carriage and so on. Continue reading → Located in the heart of Trieste is the ancient Teatro Romano.

Villa Bottacin is a historic and artistic residence dating to 1854, now protected by the Government Department responsible for monuments and other treasures.

It was converted into a residence in 2004, after a careful restoration allowing to obtain 17 studio apartments and rooms from the previous rooms.

Archaeological evidence from the Trieste area (Italy), revealed by airborne remote sensing and geophysical surveys, provides one of the earliest examples of Roman military fortifications. Their origin is most likely related to the first year of the second Roman war against the Histri in 178 B. The existence of coeval military permanent fortifications at –5).

C., reported by Livy, but the sites were in use, perhaps not continuously, at least until the mid first century B. The main identified San Rocco military camp is the best candidate for the site of the first Trieste. whereas other materials, such as Lamboglia 2 amphorae and a military footwear hobnail (type D of Alesia), indicate that they maintained a strategic role at least up to the mid first century B. According to archaeological data and literary sources, the sites were probably established in connection with the Roman conquest of the Istria peninsula in 178–177 B. They were in use, perhaps not continuously, at least until the foundation of Tergeste, the ancestor of Trieste, in the mid first century B. The San Rocco site, with its exceptional size and imposing fortifications, is the main known Roman evidence of the Trieste area during this phase and could correspond to the location of the first settlement of Tergeste preceding the colony foundation. Among them there are the sites from Numantia and its area, related to the Numantine War (154–133 B.

According to ancient sources, the Latin words used to define the fortifications of the Roman army are ), which have been generally translated by British archaeologists as “fortress/camp” and “fort,” respectively (1, 13).

Following this conventional terminology, we use here the terms “camp” or “fortress” to designate sites larger than 10 ha, and the term “fort” to indicate the smaller fortifications, independently of the building techniques and possible permanent or temporary functions.

Moreover, the spatial coherence of the SYRMEP source is used to overcome the poor absorption contrast of many biological samples, by the use of phase-contrast techniques.

A large number of different microimaging and microtomography experiments can be performed in different fields of material science (such as geology, vulcanology, cultural heritage and agrifood technology) and life science. The beamline can work in monochromatic or white-beam configuration.

The beamline provides at a distance of about 20 m from the source, a monochromatic, laminar-section X-ray beam with a maximum area of 120x4 mm.

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