Updating my maintenance program continually

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Updating my maintenance program continually

Matrox Imaging´s team of vision specialists is committed to providing our customers with the assistance needed to take applications from concept to completion.Our front line support group is available to answer installation questions and provide immediate troubleshooting assistance, while our developers are ready to guide customers through the design, development and deployment phases of their projects.

These programs entitle registered users to technical support from Matrox Imaging´s highly qualified technical staff as well as free updates and upgrades.

After submission of this form, it is not necessary to file a separate Appointment of Attorney form or Change of Correspondence Address form.

Once the USPTO recognizes an attorney with respect to the submission of a required post-registration filing, such as an affidavit under Section 8, an application for renewal under Section 9, etc., the USPTO will recognize only that attorney for all submissions related to that filing, such as responses to Office actions, petitions, etc., unless and until the registrant revokes and appoints a new power of attorney.

New software releases are available for download through the My Kepware online portal.

Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program provides you with access to a team of Technical Support experts who have extensive experience supporting communication and interoperability solutions for the Automation Industry.

Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program provides you with access to the latest software features and functionality that will enable you to continuously improve performance.

This includes: Leverage Kepware's Support & Maintenance Program to maximize your software's performance and simplify the administrative burden around the planning and costs of software asset management.

You must file a Section 8 declaration, specimen, and fee on a date that falls on or between the fifth (5th) and sixth (6th) anniversaries of the registration (or, for an extra fee of 0.00 per class, you may file within the six-month grace period following the sixth (6th) anniversary date).


Therefore, if you are an attorney and file this form, the USPTO will presume that you are now the registrant's attorney.

The filing of this form will automatically update the “Attorney of Record” and the "Correspondence Address" data fields in the USPTO's TSDR database.

It combines software updates and upgrades with expert Technical Support services to help keep your critical automation projects performing at an optimum level.