Updating system software

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The update will download to your M600 when your smartwatch is plugged in to charge and connected to your phone via Bluetooth when your phone has an Internet connection.

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Some people say that this doesn’t work anymore, others have gotten it to work: your mileage might vary here but this is an option you can try if you don’t have a second PS Vita or a PS3.

It seems things might not be that simple as the PS Vita would reject a game that was “backed up” from a higher firmware.

I don’t have a way to confirm this statement directly, I appreciate if you can relate your experience in the comments!

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Yifan Lu and team molecule had warned that PSN access on HENkaku would be short lived, and it seems today’s the day you lose PSN access if you are using the popular hack.

Multiple HENkaku users have reported on media sites that the console is now asking them to update in order to access the PSN. The issue impacts both HENkaku and Tai HENkaku users, and will most likely not be fixed anytime soon: The firmware spoofing on the exploit was using the fact that firmwares 3.60 and 3.61 used the same token to identify themselves to the PSN, and Sony had not disabled access to 3.61 users, yet. Loss of PSN access is not the end of the world as a user of the popular PS Vita hack, but it could make a few things harder.

As it was getting late I told my daughter it would surely finish updating by the morning and she would be able to watch TV again. It has now been three days of this frustrating blue updating system software message, I have called tech support a few times and hung up due to my frustration for being on hold for so long.

I have tried unplugging the power, tried unplugging the power then pressing and holding the standby button while plugging power back in until it was blue red blue red arrow up arrow down standby.

In particular, some of you will want to buy or download a PSP game onto their Vita in order to install Adrenaline. If you own multiple PS Vitas on the same account, and one of them has the game in question, you can back it up to your PC, then copy that game to the other Vita through QCMA.

Update: we initially stated in this section that you could use an “up to date” PS Vita to buy the game and back it up to the 3.60 Vita.

Hi, About 3 days ago my daughter asked what was wrong with the Foxtel which is an IQ3.

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