Updating xbox to play avi

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The Xbox One Media Player app supports a wide variety of audio and video codecs, container formats, and image file types.It even supports album art images stored in music folders.

You can play video and music files you’ve ripped or downloaded by plugging in a USB drive or streaming them over your local network.

When I tried to play a WMV file it says I need a media update.

According to a few websites, I need to get an Xbox live silver or gold account and download the optional media update. However, after that I was still unable to play my WMV files.

It helps you directly send your AVI video to Xbox 360. Stream media files to Xbox 360 for playback Hover your mouse over the just added videos and you’ll see a Wi-Fi like icon in the middle.

Click it to start playing on your PC and you can see the video streaming to your Xbox 360 as well.

Nowadays, AVI is still the most commonly traded file type in the world.

Actually, Xbox 360 multimedia have been upgraded to support for AVI files in 2007. Don’t fret, this post will elaborate information on X360 as cleverly as possible and detailed steps on how to play AVI files on Xbox 360.

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An AVI file is a multimedia file or container used to store video and audio streams.

Back in 2007, the Xbox 360's multimedia update have added support for both the Div X and Xvid videos.

This is made possible by the Xbox Media Player app, which Microsoft released about nine months after the Xbox One was released.