Validating a check

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I am using j Query Validation plugin to validate check box since it does not have default option, One should be selected and max two check boxes can be selected, these is the criteria.

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This feature is explained in more detail in Chapter 4.

Hello everyone, Today we are going to share 30 Best Validate A Website – HTML Validate. Validation is the process of checking if the language structure is correct.

For those of you familiar with languages such as Java and C , you have a compiler and at times it may kick out errors & warnings.

Validation is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of best web design.

And in a (CMS) like Word Press, you need to be careful about your HTML & CSS both in your theme and your content.

A Java Script check is useful because it stops the form from being submitted if there is a problem, saving lots of time for your readers.

The CGI script is still more reliable, as it always works regardless of whether Java Script is enabled on the client-side or not; but having this extra safety barrier is a nice thing to have in place.

Then insert data in the table as follows: Bring the tablespace to the offline mode, and then corrupt the datafile using the manual corruption methods that is described in Chapter 4.

Then bring the tablespace to the online mode and query the table.

This also have a problem i.e for the first time the confirm box is not showing and if once i check the check-box and click on button confirm box is displayed.

If i un check it and click on the button the same confirm message is getting displayed instead of alert box.

Sending data is not enough — we also need to make sure that the data users fill out in forms is in the correct format we need to process it successfully, and that it won't break our applications.