Vba excel status bar not updating

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Vba excel status bar not updating

Set one of the labels width to 0 and make sure it is the same height and has the same left coordinate as the other one. A better opyion IMO is to put some brief text in the statusbar, eg; Application.As your macro is progressing you can update the progress bar with code like this: -Sub Update Progress Indicator(New Percent As Integer)lbl Progress. Width Do Events End Subwhere lbl Progress is the name of the label that you set to width 0. Status Bar = "Macro running, please wait....."Then on completion you would use: Application.

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See screenshot: If you want to show the status bar in Microsoft Excel, check the Status Bar option; If you want to hide the status bar in Microsoft Excel, please uncheck the Status Bar option.

This causes many issues, especially for the end users who usually do not know how long processing the calculations/macros will take. Hide Set pb = Nothing End Sub Download the Progress User Form complete with sourcecode here: The User Form progress bar is very good to use when you don’t want to show too much content or use advanced formatting.

In such cases it is important to notify the end users of the progress of your macros/calculations so they can switch to other activities. For one of my older projects I needed a VBA Progress Bar that would show: Users especially wanted to know how much execution time was left – whether they should grab a coffee or stay and wait for the macro to finish. However, if you want the Progress Bar GUI to be more attractive I would suggest to go with a Worksheet Progress Bar.

The following tricks will help you quick display or hide status bar in Microsoft Excel.

Display or hide status bar in Microsoft Excel with VBADisplay or hide status bar in Microsoft Excel with Kutools for Excel' View options Display or hide status bar in Microsoft Excel with Kutools for Excel’s Work Area If you are experienced with using Microsoft Excel, a VBA macro will help you display or hide status bar in Microsoft Excel easily.

Pretty cool and useful in my opinion when dealing with long lasting VBA Macros.

Below feel free to download a Workbook with the Excel Worksheet Progress Bar VBA: Now how does it work?

Hi all, I have a file which loops through a number of files and performs an action on them.

The shortened vba is as follows: For each cl in rng (cl.value) Application.

The View Options of Kutools for Excel makes it possible to show or hide most of Microsoft Excel settings quickly, such as Inner Tabs, Formula Bar, Status Bar, Windows in Taskbar, Gridlines, Page Breaks, Display Zeros, Vertical Scrollbar, Horizontal Scrollbar, Sheet Tab, … It will save your time in looking for these setting when you need to show or hide them.

Sometimes there are very large and complex solutions built in Excel (which is a mistake mind you), where calculations or macro executions can take minutes or even hours.

The easiest approach to animating an Excel is to create a simple User Form with the use of a label control which width you can manipulate to show the current progress. Sub Example Progress Bar() Dim pb As Progress Bar Set pb = New Progress Bar pb. This gives you unlimited possibilities of how to make your Progress Bar more visually attractive and allows you to use Charts/Conditional formatting etc.

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