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The Western Channel Observatory (WCO) is an oceanographic time-series and marine biodiversity reference site in the Western English Channel.In situ measurements are undertaken weekly at coastal station L4 and fortnightly at open shelf station E1 using the research vessels of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and the Marine Biological Association.

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Losing access to the single market in services after Brexit could cost the British economy up to £36bn a year and have a particularly negative impact on financial services, telecoms and transport, a new report concludes.

The analysis, conducted by the Centre of Economic Business Research (CEBR) for the Open Britain organisation, which campaigns against a hard Brexit, outlines the potential impact of securing a trade deal with the bloc that covers goods but not services.

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“About a third of the losses from single market withdrawal result from lost businesses in financial services,” it adds.

The report also elaborates on how restriction in the movement of labour – another of the EU’s “four freedoms” – could result in restrictions to access to the single market in services.

It claims that leaving the single market in services as Britain quits the European Union could lead to a loss of between 1.4 and 2 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) – or £25bn to £36bn a year.

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