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Web sex cam bloopers - dating your college ta

After we posted this video, Kiersten mentioned she had a similar issue with fish when she covered the same story around this time last year.

In the restaurant scene when Olive is on a date with Anson, after the waitress sets their food down on the table, Olives bib begins changing positions between shots. In the next, it appears tucked into her shirt down on her chest. The red A changed from being on the right side of her shirt when she stood at the door, to the left side while she is walking in, and back to the right side when she sits down.This wasn't the first candid moment we've caught on camera.- There was the time Ben Winslow did the happy dance while in the background of a newscast, click here for the video.He left his parents a note that says, 'I'm gay, bitches! " and Olive says, "My apologies to Mark Twain." In the film continuity Olive's comment makes no sense, as she hasn't referenced Huckleberry Finn yet.And/or her webcam comment is out of place, as at the time she makes that comparison she now knows that even Huckleberry Finn is relevant to teen drama.Turns out I was right and as an added bonus, Jennifer Lawrence had her fair share of hilarious moments. I should have realized that the all-time funniest character of Pratt’s character must have had a zillion outtakes and blooper moments.

Pratt’s character of Andy Dwyer on put him on the path to movie superstardom, he’ll always be a legend in the television world because of Andy Dwyer. Nat is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Uncoached Corporation and all its properties.

When she isn't at the markets desk, the Medill School of Journalism graduate has also travelled to Japan to cover the Fukushima nuclear crisis, an economic conference in Siena, Italy, and various G20 and IMF global meetings.

When I initially posted bloopers from the movie Passengers I knew they’d be funny because Chris Pratt is a funny guy.

Enjoy some of the most hilarious outtakes ever: Lousy answers and bad guesses from people with sex on their minds, apparently.

The outtakes from the Newlywed Game are the best - THE classic answer they bleeped at the end, "In the butt.

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