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Kourtney and Quincy met up at Craig's in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, and then drove off together in Kourtney's car, Daily reports.The rumored couple has been low-key seeing each other sporadically since Kourt's relationship with Scott ended in 2015.

The next time she tried to call me I refused to answer my phone. Sarah has been around as long as Kim, alot of people don’t know that. This is over 15-16 years ago so we’ve all been around a long time. People say, “oh it doesn’t take that much”, you don’t know how much tuition is. They have to have security which is very expensive on a weekly basis.

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs has quite an interesting history with females.

He’s pursued more women over the years than anyone can count.

The pilot is being described in the same vein as Dreamgirls.

Destiny, Jude Demorest and Brittany O'Grady will make up the fictional girl group and will be joined by Queen Latifah and transgender model Amiyah Scott.

Sean is an actor, entrepreneur, record producer and is also the founder of Bad Boy Records. The relationship started to come to an end when Porter learned that Combs had fathered another child with another woman.

When Porter searched about this piece of news she learned that the other child that Diddy had fathered was born five months before the twin girls were born.

Sean Combs is an African American rap legend born on 4 November 1969 in Harlem. Later the world was shocked to learn that Sean and Kim had patched up in 2003 and their relationship was running smoothly.

Sean is very popular among his American fans and has a net worth of 0 million as estimated by Forbes 2014. Kim and Sean have a son named Christian Casey Combs. They went on to have twin daughters on 21 December 2006 and named them D’Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs.

Quincy Brown missed out on the opportunity to appear in Lee Daniels' wildly successful Fox drama "Empire," but the director is giving the rising star another chance to get his shine on the small screen. Sure and model Kim Porter (and adopted son of Sean "Diddy" Combs) revealed he had been cast in Daniels' upcoming drama pilot "Star." The project is currently in production in Atlanta. #Fox #2016 #Lee Daniels," Brown captioned an Instagram photo with fellow star Ryan Destiny.

The television project revolves around three young women, who form a girl group with hopes of making it big in the music industry.

Sean often spends time with his kids during holidays.