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But now the TV presenter has revealed the pair faced some tough times when they tried to decide on a name for their newborn. Eventually though, it was the CD: UK star's mum who came to the couple's rescue, telling them they had to have a baby name by the next day. The duo then researched further into the title, and finally came to an agreement that it was what their son would be called."For a whole week after we left the hospital there was no name and we weren't talking to each other," the blonde beauty told Jimmy Kimmel. And it was then that the singer mentioned that had she had a girl she would have named her Milo, after a character from the film, An American in Paris. "Seriously I thought my husband was going to have to file divorce papers," the 39-year-old explained to the audience.

The presenter then burst out laughing, adding: "Baby Deeley breast fed was all it said on his little name tag, bless him." Fans of the So You Think You Can Dance star were thrilled with the interview, tweeting their support of her relationship with the Irish comedian.

The pair initially met when they worked together as co-presenters on the BBC talent show Fame Academy.

Despite the chemistry between them, both were seeing other partners, and did not get together for another 10 years.

Before Patrick was a national celebrity he first rose to prominence as one of the country's most exciting and challenging stand-up comedians.

With his own Friday-night chat show and a second series of Fame Academy under way, Patrick Kielty is a big deal on the small screen.

"You can't ever guarantee you are going to find the right person - I'm just very lucky it happened to me." They have been married for five years and live between Los Angeles, Belfast and London depending on which shows they are each working on.

But now as new parents they miss the stability of being back with family in the UK. "I miss my family more now that we have Milo - it's the same with Patrick's family. I like to think that home is wherever we are, but I do feel more of a pull back to the UK these days."I love the LA lifestyle but I'm happy to come back, too.They're the most unlikely celeb couple since Jason Orange and Catherine Tate, but it looks like Cat Deeley's rumoured romance with Patrick Kielty is official.He added: "Having had a busy day working in London, his concentration slipped.An error of judgment occurred."Mr Tierney also described the presenter's involvement in "high-profile" charity events and smaller fund raising events such as golf tournaments.She said: "I always used to go for the same chocolate in the box and then I went for the strawberry cream and decided I liked it.