Who is romain duris dating

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A skillfully triangulated psychological thriller... with an air of Hitchcockian menace and free-floating sexual perversity.--Justin Chang, Variety Subversive, Playful and Brilliant. with mischievous humor and an understated strain of Hitchcockian suspense.

Vanessa [Paradis, his co-star] and I wanted some more romantic scenes, not so much comedy.’ Bet she did, I think, not at all jealously. Duris may have turned down the Bond villain role in Casino Royale – ‘the audition process took too long and I had another film to shoot in Paris’ – but every other role his LA agent sends him is, as he puts it, ‘“give us your f***ing French lover”’.

--David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter Claire has a best friend in Laura, they have been close since they met as children and have grown and lived their lives together.

We start the film with Laura’s funeral – she leaves behind a loving husband and a baby daughter.

After the death of her best friend, Claire falls into a deep depression, but a surprising discovery about her friend's husband gives her a new taste for life.

BLU-RAY FEATURES: Behind-the-Scenes Making of; 10 Bonus Deleted Scenes; 2015 Theatrical Trailer Delectably entertaining.

‘In France we are the champions [of romcom],’ he explains.

‘Maybe one is OK but 100 others are bulls***, c’est true, huh? – “formatted” comedy but the director was open to every suggestion.

‘I can’t say that,’ he smiles broadly, his blazer slipping open to reveal a low-cut T-shirt and a distracting amount of Gallic chest hair. Yet his natural charisma means you can’t help but adore him as ‘the Heartbreaker’, a should-be-hateable man who breaks up unsuitable couples for a living by making the women briefly fall in love with him.

No wonder director Pascal Chaumeil patiently waited for two months as Duris dithered over taking the role.

Claire has promised to care for her friend’s family and after much grieving she goes round to the house to comfort David.*Mild plot spoiler*Once there she makes a discovery about David that will change all of their lives.

Now to say any more would be a plot spoiler but if you notice that Romain Duris is credited with both a male and female part in this film it is a good indicator of where this is going.

Claire's husband decides to contact David and invite him out to dinner as an offering of sympathy, but Claire begins to find herself with feelings about David she never thought she'd have.