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LGBT rights group Stonewall said it welcomed the decision and hoped to see more television programmes featuring sexually diverse people."The show's commitment to inclusion is welcomed by the community, demonstrating just how far society - and LGBT representation in the media - has come," a Stonewall spokesman told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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The show begins with footage of the night Alison Di Laurentis disappeared.

Aria drops her brother Mike off at lacrosse practice before heading to a local bar, where she spots a missing persons poster of Alison.

At the homecoming dance, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna scream for Emily.

Spencer had returned to let the other girls know that Ali was missing and that she thinks she heard a scream.

It's been a year since the disappearance of her best friend Alison Di Laurentis, and Aria has returned from her father's sabbatical in Iceland to a whole new dynamic in Rosewood.

In her home, where Aria and her mother Ella unpack boxes, Aria discusses the oddness of being home at exactly the anniversary of Ali's death.

When Ella leaves, Aria tell her father Byron that she intends to keep his secret...A couple is in the midst of getting married, when everything seems to be going wrong.The Maid of Honor, got into a terrible accident, and now the husbands step sister wants to take her place, but everything seems to be going wrong, but little does the couple know that his step sister really wants to tear them apart, and she wants to be the bride.The 31-year-old sole trader was pleased straight away with his match, complimenting her scent before her appearance: 'I can smell the fake tan... 'Jordyn, 22, eagerly parted his gown to reveal his washboard abs underneath, adding: 'I do like what i see!'Jordyn, who works in concreting, claimed to the hosts that she wasn't a fan of Tinder and doesn’t use the app, instead opting to avoid the cyber chit-chat to disrobe in front of her potential suitor instead.Alison, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields were having a sleepover in Spencer's barn.

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