Who is tinsley mortimer dating

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Who is tinsley mortimer dating

While Topper has stayed more under the radar, here are a few things to know about him..

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They found out they both enjoy Tito's vodka, birthdays in August and pool lounging."She's a riot, huh? Sources say she is "very happy" and that Scott is "very nice to her." CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ON BETHENNY'S NEW BRAVO SHOW ...shows.But he insisted that he had no desire to live the high life. It's unclear if Scott Kluth has met any of the other Housewives.But Tinsley is 41, so I hope she froze some eggs along the way, otherwise they need to hurry up and get started. And on Wednesday, Tinsley Mortimer appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, where she talked about her new beau.Tinsley Mercer Mortimer, 40, was once the most photographed young woman in New York City.

She seemed to have everything a certain kind of person might want: an important name, her picture everywhere, a budding career on the fashion/social/reality-show circuit.

Before it all went south, Mortimer was a darling of New York society.

"When Tinsley first appeared on the scene and was married to Topper, she was very prominent and she always wore amazing dresses and was invited to all the major social galas," says Steve Eichner, a longtime WWD photographer and founder of a photography app, Name Face.

At that time his site was the first and only site of its kind. interesting collection of historical artifacts, including the “largest known section of the fence from the grassy knoll, and the gun, badge and jacket of the police officer who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald.” In 2009, Kluth told Crain’s that he’s a “Real Housewives” fan, but added, “If that’s how the other half lives, I don’t want to be in it.” I hope this rumor is true.

Kluth lives in a gorgeous apartment on the 92 second floor of the Hancock Building in Chicago. Hes seems very down to earth and sort of the antithesis of a NYC socialite. That said he could be the kind of guy you should date that you don’t. The 38-year-old Kluth, whose bargain-hunting empire is based near Chicago, is a Kennedy enthusiast who has an . I could totally see Tinsley having a bunch of kids and living in the Hancock Building in Chicago.

But then Tinsley and her high-school sweetheart, Topper Mortimer, split, and she migrated down to Palm Beach to start over.

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