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Technology and competition for this lucrative market has made a mockery of it.

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as a possible source, referring to a tradition of divining from strangely shaped flakes of molten lead dropped into water.

Maria Dembińska rejects this etymology as "doubtless erroneous", suggesting instead either archaic German are assorted kinds of meat chopped into bite-sized chunks and a mixture of sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and shredded fresh white cabbage.

), often translated into English as hunter's stew, is a Polish dish of finely chopped meat of various kinds stewed with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage.

The dish is also traditional for Belarusian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian cuisine.

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The meats may include pork (ham, shoulder, bacon, ribs, loin, etc.), beef and veal, poultry (chicken, duck, goose, turkey) and game, as well as charcuterie, especially various kinds of The sauerkraut is often rinsed and drained before being chopped and mixed with shredded fresh cabbage.

The proportion depends on the sauerkraut's maturity – the longer it has cured, the more sour it tastes, calling for more fresh cabbage to balance the flavor.

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