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In May, the Permanent Military Tribunal of Tunis ordered four Facebook pages blocked for attempting "to damage the reputation of the military institution and, its leaders, by the publishing of video clips and, the circulation of comments and, articles that aim to destabilize the trust of citizens in the national army, and spread disorder and chaos in the country." This resurgence of Internet censorship lead to the resignation of blogger and political activist Slim Amamou from his post as Secretary of State for Youth and Sport on 23 May.On May 26 a group of lawyers obtained a court order forcing the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) to block porn sites on the grounds that they posed a threat to minors and Muslim values.

Le parole più digitate sui principali siti pornografici sono: In California: Asian In Finlandia: Mature In Sudafrica: Hidden cam In Cina: Japonese In Italia: Italian The most typed words on the main porn sites are: In California: Asian In Finland: Mature In South Africa: Hidden cam In China: Japanese In Italy: com; Internet filter review; safe famiglie;; porn MD; US Department of State records; ITU; Covenant Eyes- Internet accountability filter; Pornhub stats; Extreme Tech; K.Reporters Without Borders is very worried by these attempts to reinforce government control of news and information.Danger that printers will censor newspaper content Reporters Without Borders accuses the biggest state printer, Berhanena Selam, which almost has a monopoly on newspaper and magazine printing in Ethiopia, and other state owned printers, of trying to impose political censorship on media content before publication.At the same time success in this effort is not certain.In response to the dramatic events and opportunities of the Arab Spring, in March 2011, Reporters Without Borders moved Tunisia and Egypt from its "Internet enemies" list to its list of countries "under surveillance".“Allowing printers to control editorial content is tantamount to give them court powers.

On what basis do these state-owned companies assume the right and independence to interpret the law?The bot targets Android devices and can even enable attackers to prevent victims from receiving bank alerts of any unusual activities or transactions and the trojan is also able to intercept victim's SMS messages, according to The Sun Online.People who visit porn sites on their mobile devices are particularly at risk because they could be fooled into downloading and installing the software, according to the publication.Internet censorship in Tunisia significantly decreased in January 2011, following the ouster of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, as the new acting government removed filters on social networking sites such as You Tube.The success of the Tunisian revolution offers a chance to establish greater freedom of expression in Tunisia, a country previously subject to very strict censorship, especially online.Most of us are aware that RBreezy is slowly becoming the cancer of Social Media and the world wide web!

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